Ravi Jaiswal


Ravi is an entrepreneur and a technologist. Prior to MCM, Ravi worked in technology and software development working with Fortune 100 companies in the health care, insurance, finance, and legal industries. Ravi architected and developed complex software systems for companies using state-of-the-art technologies. He is actively involved in real estate investments and has a special interest in advanced cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Machine Learning.

Mark Ludwig

SVP General Manager

For nearly 3 decades, Mark has been involved in advertising, strategic marketing, and management. After rising to the position of Vice President at BBDO, he moved on to become Director of Strategy at OMD U.S. Mark arrived at MCM in 2013 with a wide range of experience in digital and traditional marketing, strategic planning, and management. He oversees the Sales, Marketing, and Paralegal Services groups for MCM.

Tasha Coats

VP of Marketing

Tasha is a seasoned veteran of the marketing industry. After spending 15 years at BBDO, Tasha opened her own full-service ad agency that she ran for 8 years before closing her shop and joining American Public Media. She went on to immerse herself in digital marketing prior to joining the MCM team.

Dan Klein

VP of Creative Services

Dan was a Broadcast Journalism major who went on to pursue studies in graphic design and marketing. Prior to joining MCM, he did production work at the local FOX TV affiliate, wrote for the Minnesota Twins program, and did marketing for several local companies. Dan came on board as our Creative Director in January 2002.

Andrew Syverson

VP of Marketing Services

Andrew has been active in the mass tort and legal marketing industries for more than 10 years. In addition to his role in sales and marketing, he has also hosted a number of seminars designed to educate lawyers on how to get involved in mass torts and to update them on the status of current litigation. His knowledge and experience has made Andrew a leader in the legal marketing field.

Steve Lantz

Director of Paralegal Services

Steve manages the day-to-day operations of MCM’s Paralegal Services Group and has been instrumental in creating new procedures to streamline processes and increase productivity. He oversees document processing, medical record retrieval and review, long-range projects, and trains paralegal staff in all areas of the department.