Legal Intake Services

Developing legal intakes that identify qualified leads is critical to the success of lead generation campaigns. If you don’t weed out unqualified leads during the initial contact, you’re wasting time and money. Just as important is having legal intake professionals with the knowledge and experience to conduct an intake accurately.

At MCM Services Group, we have two decades of experience developing legal intakes and taking calls for law firms. Our legal intake professionals are on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you never miss a call. Every potential lead is carefully screened by compassionate, professionally trained, U.S.- based intake agents following customized legal intake scripts. Our intake development and call center services are usually included in every campaign at no additional charge.

Topic Research

MCM Services Group does extensive research to determine the potential of emerging topics and establish strategies for acquiring leads. Our research begins with uncovering the demographics, market share, and sales numbers for specific products. We analyze this and other data to determine the size and profile of the potential plaintiff market. If the litigation looks promising, we’ll develop a marketing strategy to generate qualified leads for your firm.

When we research a new topic at your request, all information is kept confidential and your firm gets exclusivity until after the first ads are run. Through the years we have often been the first to market with new mass tort topics. While we’ve seen topics that blossomed into successful MDLs, we’ve also seen topics that never really developed. We’ll help your firm determine which litigation topics are worth pursuing.

Intake Development

In the past two decades we’ve completed hundreds of thousands of intakes for law firms across the country. One thing we’ve learned is that to determine which leads have the greatest potential, you need a well-designed intake.

Legal client intakes are an art form as much as they are science. It’s not just asking the right questions, it’s asking questions the right way. By fine tuning our intakes and training our legal intake specialists, we make sure your firm gets the right people retained. When new client intake forms are completed, they can be emailed directly to your firm and are always saved to the online database program TortWorx™ for easy review and download.

We save your firm money by making sure your staff doesn’t waste time on callers who don’t qualify.

24/7 Call Center

In today’s highly connected customer-oriented business climate, people are accustomed to 24/7 access to services. That means every call needs immediate attention. At MCM Services Group, our U.S.-based legal call center services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that you never miss a call. Our inbound call center services are usually included in your marketing campaign at no additional charge.

We offer outbound call center services as well. Our highly trained staff does follow-up calls to nurture leads and make sure medical records and retainers are completed and returned. Completed retainers and medical records are then scanned and saved to an online portal for easy download.

To ensure quality, we monitor calls on a weekly basis to make sure that every caller is treated in a professional manner. Every incoming and outgoing call is recorded and saved for future reference. Our goal is to secure new clients by giving each caller a personalized and professional response.


We’ve designed our call center services to work seamlessly with your firm. To learn more about how we can help your firm, email us or call toll free at (888) 507-6262.