Lead Generation For Lawyers

The lifeblood of every successful mass tort law firm is maintaining a steady stream of new qualified leads that can be converted into cases. We use omnichannel lawyer marketing to generate leads and then qualify them with our Legal Management Services staff - all with no hidden or back-end fees.

With Lead Generation Services, Your Firm Can:
  • Acquire highly targeted legal leads
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring new leads
  • Save on employee costs

We only deliver leads who meet your firm’s requirements and have completed an intake after speaking with one of our live call agents.

Qualified Legal Leads with No Back-end Fees

Lead generation for lawyers with no back-end fees has been the hallmark of MCM Services Group since day one. We understand that it’s more than just collecting names generated by attorney marketing, it’s a process that must include a mechanism for qualifying the leads. We work with your firm to create a legal marketing strategy that generates leads with the specific qualifications you are looking for.

We target legal leads by creating consistent direct response messages across all digital, social, and traditional media channels. This omnichannel approach is more than just lawyer advertising, it is the most efficient and cost-effective way to generate high-quality leads for your law firm.

Our simple billing process for lead generation is to charge one upfront price per lead. Included in the price is a guaranteed conversion rate of at least 50% with no back-end fees.

Benefits of Attorney Lead Generation

For law firms to be profitable they must run efficiently. This means having a reliable, consistent source of new leads that doesn’t eat up your staff’s time doing follow-up. MCM Services Group’s attorney lead generation service is a great way to augment your in-house efforts to maintain a consistent flow of new leads.

We provide qualified legal leads generated through omnichannel marketing. Our LMS staff of paralegals and legal assistants can help also your firm convert leads to signed clients with our cost-effective follow-up services including document management and medical record retrieval and review. We ensure that each prospect is not only qualified, but that all their paperwork is in order.

Instead of hiring, training, and managing an in-house marketing team to generate leads, contact MCM Services Group. We make attorney lead generation simple so you can focus on practicing law.