Law Firm Marketing Services
Advertising for lawyers should be about marketing your law firm to build a consistent stream of qualified leads. To implement effective law firm marketing strategies you must make a decision; either hire, train and manage an internal marketing team or outsource your marketing to a legal marketing company. MCM Services Group provides on demand lawyer marketing services that allows firms to quickly ramp up marketing campaigns without long term infrastructure expense. We offer attorney marketing services for law firms of all sizes at all budget levels. Our experienced team of marketing professionals uses an omni channel approach to create messages that are seamless, integrated and consistent across all channels and devices.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing your law firm marketing needs to MCM Services Group allows you to keep infrastructure costs down while eliminating the pain of maintaining a marketing department and the risk of losing marketing talent to competing law firms. The legal industry is an Increasingly competitive and constantly changing market. We can create and manage a law firm marketing plan for your firm and make sure you’re in compliance with all legal marketing guidelines.

It's About Generating Leads

Unlike some legal marketing firms, we place an emphasis on not just attracting leads, but converting them as well. Your firm needs results-driven attorney marketing strategies to grow your client pipeline and increase firm revenue. We’ll create a law firm marketing plan that outlines measurable goals.

Experienced TV Marketing Staff

Our media planning and buying department has vast experience generating leads through television advertising. We do continuous industry analysis and combine that with information obtained through our own marketing and industry insiders to develop media strategies that work.

In-House Creative Team

The creative work at MCM Services Group is done in-house by a seasoned team of designers, writers and editors. We’ve been creating affordable, effective mass tort marketing messages on tight deadlines for nearly two decades. Our marketing team brings creative muscle to TV commercials, websites, social media, videos, radio ads and out-of-home media. By combining direct response marketing methods with data analytics, we create marketing messages that generate leads. With our creative services team you can count on first-rate quality, attention to detail and fast turnaround.

Data Analysis

We stay on top of all major mass tort litigation using demographic data, intake answers collected from nationwide advertising, and information from industry insiders. This gives us unique insights into new and ongoing litigation that you won’t find anywhere else. We’re not just a legal marketing company, we’re a well-connected source of industry knowledge.

Traditional Marketing Services

MCM Services Group's experience, long standing relationships and buying power can make advertising on traditional marketing channels cost-effective for almost any budget. Our legal marketing experts create customized plans that leverage the power of broadcast, print and outdoor advertising to generate qualified leads. Learn more

Digital Marketing Services

No legal marketing strategy is complete without a well-managed digital component. Online marketing for lawyers is more than just setting up a website and social media accounts, it’s a strategic approach to delivering messages that generate leads. We can position your law firm to get in front of people online who need your help. Learn more


MCM services Group has two decades of proven success in marketing for law firms nationwide. Practicing law should be the focus of your law firm; let MCM Services Group take care of marketing your law firm. To learn more, email us or call 888-507-6262.