Digital Marketing For Lawyers

No legal marketing strategy is complete without a well-managed digital component. Online marketing for lawyers is more than just setting up a website and social media accounts, it’s a strategic approach to delivering messages that generate leads. The most effective method of digital marketing for lawyers involves the coordinated use of website content with digital marketing. Your firm does not need to be on every digital platform to be successful, but a little strategy goes a long way.

Law Firm Website Design

All internet marketing strategies for lawyers start with a strong website. Content is king, but it needs to be the right content to attract the kind of clients your firm is looking for. Our attorney website design team can boost your site’s visibility with expert search engine optimization (SEO) and keep visitors coming with search engine marketing (SEM), blog creation and more.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services for Lawyers

Implementing attorney PPC is arguably the fastest way to generate new leads online, especially when it is part of a larger Search Engine Marketing (SEM) effort involving organic SEO on your firm’s web site. Legal search terms are highly competitive and with the wrong lawyer PPC strategy you can spend a lot of money with very little to show for it.
PPC advertising (sometimes referred to as paid search) takes place primarily on the Google, Bing, and Yahoo ad networks either as text ads or display ads. Unlike traditional media channels, PPC advertising is not based solely on the amount of money you spend. Search engines like Google consider both the amount bid on a search term as well as a quality score based on the relevance of the web page content the ad links to, click-through rate, day parts and other factors. The digital marketing team at MCM Services Group has years of experience with law firm PPC and we can make sure your dollars are spent wisely.

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Social media is a great way to build awareness for your practice. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or some other digital network, we make sure to choose social media platforms that are most likely to reach potential clients. Like blogging, one of the keys to successful social media marketing for lawyers is having a strategy for consistently adding content. This may involve creating new content as well as sharing articles and posts. The MCM Services Group creative team can build a strong social media presence for your firm that keeps your firm top of mind with potential clients.

Video Marketing for Lawyers

MCM Services Group has specialized in legal video marketing for nearly 20 years. Online video is an often underutilized marketing tool among law firms. Statistics abound over the influence and persuasive power of online video. Whether it’s FAQ videos, attorney profiles or testimonial videos, we can help you leverage the power of video. We can create high-quality, affordable video content that engages viewers and generates leads. It’s time to put legal video marketing to work for you.

Email Marketing for Lawyers

While the inbox is always crowded and competitive, email marketing for law firms remains one of the best ways to reach current clients and generate new leads. Even with the advent of Snapchat, Instagram and a host of other communication aps, email has stood the test of time. We’ll help you craft relevant email messages that generate high engagement rates, keeping your firm top of mind and generating referrals. Email marketing for lawyers is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your practice.

Legal Blog Services

One of the keys to maintaining a high page rank is adding new content to your web site on a regular basis. Legal blogs are a great way to achieve this goal. We’ll help you find content for your blog, whether it’s commentary on recent verdicts, simple FAQ articles, your take on movies and TV shows about lawyers, or a combination of ideas and themes. We’ll get your blog up and running and create a strategy for consistently adding new content over time.

Law Firm Webinars

Webinar marketing is a great way to showcase your expertise and build a litigation network. MCM Services Group can help you create and broadcast a legal webinar with specific goals and a well-defined follow-up plan. Our webinar services also include editing services that allow your firm to use your webinar in whole or in part for future branding and marketing efforts.

Your firm doesn’t need to engage in all the legal digital marketing strategies outlined above, but you should focus on a few and put a plan in place. Online marketing for law firms is here to stay. To remain relevant and take advantage of what the internet has to offer, your firm needs a coherent digital strategy. MCM Services Group can help create a digital strategy that is right for your firm and start generating leads. Email us now or call us at 888-507-6262.