MCM Services Group offers paralegal services

MCM’s Legal Management Services (LMS) team converts leads into retained clients with no back-end fees. Our paralegals and support staff work directly with each lead from the initial contact through document processing. We guide each lead through legal document processing and follow up with them until all paperwork has been completed and collected. We handle everything from retainer packets to medical record retrieval.

Guaranteed Conversion

At MCM Services Group we’re so confident in our ability to identify and capture qualified leads that we guarantee a minimum percentage of signed retainers on every campaign. Our paralegal services team performs lead follow-up to collect signed retainers, saving your firm time and money.

Legal Document Management

MCM Services Group can take care of everything from collecting signed retainers and HIPAA agreements to long form questionnaires. We digitize and upload all legal documents to the secure, online lead management software TortWorx™. Legal documents in TortWorx™ can be searched, edited or downloaded for use in your existing lead management system.

Medical Record Retrieval Services

Our LMS team can remove the burden of medical record retrieval while saving your firm time and money. We identify and confirm medical device manufacturers, drug manufacturers and prescription details, delivering digital medical records through TortWorx™. Records in TortWorx™ are saved on secure, HIPAA-compliant servers where they can be searched, annotated and downloaded.

Our medical record retrieval billing is done using flat rate pricing. We provide firms with an itemized invoice, making it easy to apply charge-back fees to each case.


Using MCM Services Group’s paralegal services team to process claims saves your firm time and money. Our services are efficient and affordable with no back-end fees. If you would like to learn more about how you can take advantage of our paralegal services, email us or call (888) 507-6262 to learn more.